Welcome To Our New Website!

April 24, 2017

 Welcome to the new Blair First Baptist Church website!


We have an incredible group of people, some of whom visit us from other churches quite faithfully!  They really encourage me as a shepherd with their real hunger to understand God and His Word.  I love watching several of you, who are developing a renewed sense of excitement as you are finding a deeper sense of intimacy with your Lord and Savior.  


Real life changes are occurring as the Bible is transforming people in a real way just as it promises that it will.  Claiming to be eternal, supernatural in power, and a living word, it is much more than a book!  Wow, are we finding that out together! 


Thanks everyone of you who have loved me and inspired me by letting me know that my emphasis of teaching His Word is having such an impact in your lives. That blesses me so much in Christ!  I hope that others will see what is happening here and come join us.


Thought:    We have learned what a Threshold Covenant is in scripture.  Question: Since the value of the animal slain to provide blood for the covenant showed how much the covenant partner was valued, how valued are you as a covenant partner by the Father, since He had His Son slain to provide a Threshold Covenant for you to pass over and into?


Since God loves us so much that we cannot totally grasp it all, let's practice passing that love on to one another in Christ!  God loves you this much, I should too!  Blessings!

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