First Baptist strives to equip our members with the biblical knowledge needed to defend, teach, and learn for themselves. Our goal is to help our members create a biblical foundation, based on the Word of God.


We study the context, typology, and symbolism within the Bible. Our church focuses on teaching our members, not lecturing or chastising them. We're in this together. Thus, our church seeks to learn together.


We're a small church focused on growing. We have a great foundation of committed members, who are nothing short of family. We've laughed together. We've cried together. We've broken bread together.


Cuming City was one of the first incorporated settlements in the Nebraska Territory. As the town grew, many prominent citizens voiced interest in starting a Baptist church. The only problem was the men and women had no place to worship. So, the honorable and prominent citizen T.C. Hungate offered up his house, and the first meeting of the First Baptist Church was held in early 1859.


Some of the earliest pioneers to venture west to the Nebraska Territory have their names etched in our history. L.M. Kline and family, Elnathan Carter and family, T.C. Hungate and family, Jacob Carter and family, Mary Moore and family, Rev. J.M. Taggart and family were all pivotal in the early days of our ministry


If you are looking for a church where you receive a quick devotional, a good feeling, no challenging teaching, and no real-life answers...

That's not us. There are already plenty of churches like that. How are we different? Thanks for asking!

  • At First Baptist Church, we're doing our best to not focus on being different, but on being Biblical. Here's what you can expect when you come to First Baptist of Blair:

  • We welcome tough, hard questions, and seek to provide answers from the Word of God, which provide real-life guidance and solutions for today. We are truly committed to an emphasis upon discipleship in its' New Testament context.

  • An emphasis upon equipping you to know and understand His Word in a way that provides wisdom for your life, and those involved in your life.

  • Leadership that accepts responsibility, and believes that example is the best way of teaching.

  • A firm commitment to the Word of God as inerrant, infallible, inspired, and relevant for all of life's needs. We believe that the only way to understand this is for it to be presented in its' original context and interpretation. When it is, we challenge you to come and see for yourself how fascinating and illuminating we find it!

  • Challenging, practical, life-changing messages from the Bible, with an emphasis upon showing you how to get that from the Bible for yourself.

  • We are a small fellowship that is looking to begin growing again with renewed vision and dedication. We have many open ministry opportunities for you to come, join, and help us grow. You won't get lost in the crowd. Here, you're genuinely loved and needed.

  • We are committed to finding out what a Biblically-functioning church of today looks like.

First Baptist Church, Blair, Nebraska

On the 18th day of September, 1869, the First Baptist Church of Blair was formed. It was the first church in the new town, coming about when the Sioux City and Pacific Railroad Company erected a depot and began to sell lots in March of that same year. The First Baptist Church of Blair has a rich history of nearly one-hundred fifty years.

The work of our church has its roots in the former Washington County community of Cuming City. A Baptist Church was organized in the year 1858. An interesting and humorous note in the records states that "the pastor was engaged to preach every two weeks, and made his appointments on horseback. His pay for the year's work was a horse, which was subsequently stolen." When the town of Blair was started, the members of this church knew that Cuming City was doomed, and most residents moved into the new town. With deep concern to have a Christian witness to this new frontier town, the Christians of this little church rallied to make a strong witness through a new church, the First Baptist Church of Blair.

We must constantly be reminded of the sacrifice and dedication of our forefathers who brought the Gospel and established a witness in our town.


The first baptism took place in February 1859. The location? Fish Creek. Reverend J.M. Taggart performed the baptisms, totally immersing the few brave souls in freezing water. Many men had to cut through the ice, which was two feet thick in some places, to allow for the ceremony. Nobody died from exposure! For all we know, the baptisms were a success.

Pastor Stan Latta, Omaha, Nebraska

Pastor Stan received his BA in Bible and Humanities, and his Master's Degree in Counseling from Grace University. He has served as the Director of Men's Recovery Programs at a homeless shelter, and Director of the Psychology Department at Vatterott College. Pastor Stan also taught at Grace University for 10 years as an Adjunct Professor of Psychology, where he wrote several Psychology courses for the Continuing Education Department.


Stan is an avid reader, reading one or two books each week. He has a heart for teaching the Bible in its' original historical, contextual, and grammatical background in order to understand it as it was originally intended to be understood, without all the changes from mankind throughout time. His ultimate goal is to have all of God's children understand the Bible, and how to apply it to life for themselves.


Pastor Stan has been married to his wife, Carol, since 1973. They have 3 children, and 10 grandchildren. They have a deep love for God's people.

John 1:1-5

"In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God. He was in the beginning with God. All things came into being through Him, and apart from Him nothing came into being that has come into being. In Him was life, and the life was the Light of men. The Light shines in the darkness, and the darkness did not comprehend it."



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